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Can I use my phone to show the tickets?

Yes. It is the Booking Reference Number that we will be looking to use.

I don’t have a printer…

You do not have to print out the 8 digit booking reference number. Simply make a note of the Booking Reference Number and take it with you together with some ID

What happens if I lose my ticket?

Please call us in advance for us to trace the transaction.

What happens if I do not arrive at the correct time?

Sorry you will have to rebook and pay for the experience again at another date and time.

Can I change the date and times?

Not without paying again, online.

Do I have to pay for babies?

Babes in arms, under 6 months old are free when attending with an older sibling. We class a child’s ticket from 6 months old with gifts from Santa suitable from 6 months and older as well as having photo opportunities for all the family.

What if we wish to add extra people to our original booking?

Please check online to see if there are enough spaces remaining at your chosen date and time to make a second booking. PLEASE DO NOT just turn up on the day.

What is the total number in each group?

The maximum number per session is 16

How about wheelchairs?

We allocate 1 space in every session. Please reserve this space when booking online

Can adults book tickets without children?

There must be at least one child per party.  If not we reserve the right to refuse entry.  Please note this is aimed as a Children’s Experience so we would ask you to consider limiting the number of adults when booking

Can tickets be purchased for just children? Do adults have to be present?

There must be at least one adult per party.

Can we take photographs-video recordings?

Other children will also be experiencing the grotto at the same time.  As such we would ask you to respect the privacy of these children and their parents but we are happy if you wish to take photos/videos of your own children.  We also offer the opportunity of having your photo taken with Santa.

What do I do if I have no email?

Please ask a family member or friend to help with the booking online service. It is the Booking Reference Number you will need to make a note of.

I am a carer-do I pay?

Yes, carers would be expected to pay the same amount as adult e.g. £4.00

Are there any concessionary rates?

No, same rates apply for all.

However, if you feel your circumstances may need to be taken into consideration please do contact us prior to booking to ensure we are able to accommodate any particular needs.

Can I cancel my ticket and will I receive a refund?

Unfortunately refunds cannot be given for cancelled tickets. If you would like to discuss your situation further please call 01223 842777